Well, I am a medical doctor, a speaker, an author, a personal development consultant, an entertainer, a coach, a singer, a voice over artist, a workshop facilitator, and, an actor. But what do all these labels mean? Do they mean anything at all?




Then I could explain that I am deeply committed to the pursuit of authenticity, in my own life and in the lives of others. People don’t always understand why a doctor would want to work in entertainment, or build businesses, or why a singer, or entrepreneur would want to write books to help others achieve authenticity. There is no explanation beyond the fact that this is just who I am, and I am simply honouring all the aspects of my true self. My knowledge is grounded in this direct experience of an authentic life – with all its joy, fulfilment, challenge and risk – and I use this experience, fortified by intuitive understanding and academic learning, to help others realise their full potential.

Everything I do is underscored by this purpose. Whether spoken, written, or part of a business plan, the message is the key, and it is a constant invitation to discover and fulfil your true self, and to express yourself authentically through the practice of your innate gifts and talents.

I first received my invitation when I was a medical student and had the privilege of spending time with patients in palliative care wards. As they prepared themselves for death, what mattered most to these people was not the traditional measures of success: material possessions, promotions, popular recognition or approval. Regardless of their background or financial success, their most urgent need was the knowledge that they were truly known by someone, and that they had been true to themselves. Most importantly, they listened, some for the first time, to the gentle whispers of their intuitive voice.

At that moment I asked myself, “How can we live in such a way that these final moments are peaceful and happy?” I listened to what my heart was telling me and knew that the answer was to live an authentic life, and in this way contribute to something greater than myself. What I have learned on my journey is that life works when we listen to our true voice. Learning to listen to our intuition (rather than our false voices) is paramount to any true success. My life experiences have been an exercise in applied faith, humility, wisdom, courage, and love.

When we ask, we receive. When we receive we must act. Then it is imperative that we must be grateful for everything, and for the people with whom we are fortunate to share our journey.