Specialised Coaching Services For Doctors

By Dr Hercules Kollias

MBBS BSc (Neuroscience, Psychology) (Hons)

Hi, I'm Dr Hercules Kollias.


Have you ever wondered what it really takes to be a successful doctor?

I've been asking myself that question for the last 20 years. Not just about us, as doctors, but about all leaders with high levels of responsibility.
It basically comes down to 8 well-defined areas which have a lot hidden inside them. Some are obvious. Some are not. The most startling discovery however is that having medical or surgical skills and know-how represented only 1/8 of what makes a doctor truly successful, and not just 'good at what they do'.

How can I help you?

  • Are you a trainee on a specialty training program? As a trainee, you can face a lot of challenges in trying to both get onto a program and then complete it. The written exams. The vivas. The interviews. The challenges to a normal balanced life. And more.
  • Are you trying to get into Med School and need help passing the interviews?
  • Demystifying the doctor-patient relationship. How to convince your patients that you’re actually there for them.
  • How to mitigate the risks of lawsuits against you, and how to minimise the chance of ever getting sued. Doing a great job is not enough. The patient sees through their perspective regardless of whether they are right or wrong. How do you realign their perspective?
  • Are personal issues affecting your professional performance?
  • Are you a doctor in a position of leadership, clinical or executive, and need help to run an effective team?
  • Are you an established doctor with your own practice and need help with practice management?
  • Are you trying to establish new patterns in your life and workflow and need some accountability around that to help you succeed?
  • Are you a doctor who is in career transition? Within your current area of discipline? To a new role but still related to your current area of discipline? Or transiting out of your current area of discipline into a new unrelated career?
  • Do you want to know more about good conflict resolution? Negotiation skills?
  • And much more.

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