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By Dr Hercules Kollias

MBBS BSc (Neuroscience, Psychology) (Hons)


Many leaders want to be passionate, and many things can ignite the flame of passion, and of desire. The desire to be popular, to be accomplished, to be praised, to have influence, to be recognised as authorities, to be “first”. This flame often burns so intensely that it can consume a person until there is nothing left but a bunch of excuses attempting to save face, preserve an ego, and justify much lost time, energy, and resources. There is one secret exception to this. The one thing that’s different on the inside of great leaders, even though from the outside they may look quite similar to the rest. When that flame of desire is sparked by humility and fanned with faith, with purpose, and with grit, it becomes an inferno that rises so high it can be seen by many from a far distance, and while it illuminates the path before you, it burns away all the elements of any story that has held you captive till that moment, and it continues to rage relentlessly, until all that’s left is the truth. In that final moment, when all is now quiet, you know you’ve arrived. Welcome to leadership.
From a speech on Leadership, by Dr Hercules Kollias

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You spend enough time doing what you do. Don’t spend another second here unless you know it’s where you belong. How will you know? Have a look at the list of ideas below. If any of them resonate with you, then you're in the right place. If you have something you'd like to explore, then enter your details in the form on this page. It will be great to connect with you
Accept that where you are at this moment is the result of all the experiences you’ve had to this moment, and how you’ve interpreted and internalised those experiences. 
Suspect (or know for sure) that destiny is shaped by deliberately choosing which experiences to internalise, and knowing exactly how to interpret them and use them to create a desired outcome.
Know that change is part of growth. But how does change really happen? You’ve seen how difficult it is, and yet, you’ve also seen examples where people took to it and allowed themselves to go with it, and you’ve wondered how that happened. Why does change work in one instance, and despite the best of intentions, fail miserably in other instances? You wonder, what’s the secret sauce? 
Understand that most company or organisational problems are really people problems in disguise. 
Accept that the success of your enterprise – that is, the fulfillment of your vision as a leader – depends directly on your ability to lead people in different contexts
Already know that leading people does not work with a ‘follow-me’ approach, but needs to be a ‘I’m-right-behind-you-I’ve-got-your-back’ approach, but you’re not 100% sure about how to actually do that, how to get others to buy into that truth, or what that looks like in real space and time, and you’re afraid it will take too much time and effort to implement. 
Suspect (or already know) that you cannot lead anyone until you can lead yourself. But, when you hear this your eyeballs roll to the back of your head, and you feel resistance inside. What does that really mean? Arghhh! But you are open and willing to getting the right guidance, if someone can actually answer that question to your satisfaction. 
Realise that you will always have to pay for anything with either time, or money. And, at different points along the path, it’ll be wiser to spend more of one than the other, and you want to know what that looks like for you for what you’re trying to achieve. 
Realise that being functional is not the same as being influential, and you want to find out how to be more of the latter. 
Realise that being successful is not the same as being significant, and you want to find out how to be more of the latter. 
Realise that being rich is not the same as being wealthy, and you want to find out how to be more of the latter, or even what that really means.
Understand that your leadership can never be truly appreciated by looking at you directly. Like the moon reflects the light of the sun, your leadership will be reflected by the people that shine because of you.

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