Welcome to the I AM HERCULES Community.


It's a place where leaders from different walks of life come together. Leaders are all different, but the one thing they all have in common, is that, they need to deliver substance through style. Their substance. Their style. The secret to good leadership is having both. Because leadership with style and no substance doesn't last and often backfires. And, leadership with substance and no style doesn't connect.

In this community, we help you to find the ‘Hercules’ in YOU!


So what does that mean exactly?

We help you find the LEADER in you, 
who feels responsible for your tribe.

The HERO in you, 
who excites possibilities in them.

The INFLUENCER in you, 
who shapes destinies, yours and theirs.
The part of you that wants to fight 
for what you care about.
The part of you that will move from what you CAN do, 
to what you WILL do.
The part of you that will go beyond what you CAN succeed in, 
to what you're MEANT to succeed in.
The part of you that recognises the value others see in you. 
Through THEIR eyes, not yours.
The person in you who can easily enlist the help of others 
to get leverage and scale.

The person in you who can grow and succeed in life 
because others believe in you.
Finding the ‘Hercules’ in you 
may be about who you are, 
whom you have become, 
who you want to be, 
whom you’re meant to be.
Or, you may want to find the ‘Hercules’ 
in something you want to achieve,
something you want to do 
that is aligned to who you are.
Some examples.

Succeed in a business or a start-up.

Lead a team of executives 
to fulfil a mission. 

Lead a community group 
to create a change in your world. 

Or, maybe just show up 
for the people you love.
Whatever it is, 
it requires you to become a leader 
of yourself, 
and of others.
A person who can rely on themselves.
A person who has the support of people that can be relied upon.
A person whom others can rely on.
If you've read this far, you already know what I'm talking about.

You already know it's not just about survival.

And you have discovered that success is not the same as fulfilment.

You are ready to move from survival and success, 
to significance.

I am Hercules.

Let me help you conquer your myths.

Let me help you become a legend!

Let me help you find the ‘Hercules’ in YOU.


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